AccurecACCUREC Recycling GmbH was founded in 1995, to install one of the first battery recycling plants for modern accumulator systems. Therefore a new process was designed on the highest level of technology: VTR-process (Vacuum Thermal Recycling). The new developed recycling technology for consumer and industrial battery and accumulator types was supported by the german environmental foundation DBU due to the zero-emission-effect of these new recycling technology. The innovation is, that the vacuum-treatment guarantees a hermetical separation from the environment. In this way no air is polluted and emissions are prevented from the start. After further adaption and process developments, the capabilities of recycling technology was extented to further battery types like zinc containing or NiCo-based NiMH batteries. Today, Accurec is one of the largest battery recycling facilities in Europe, with a recycling capacity of 4,000 t of scrap batteries per year.  Accurec is a 100% subsidiary of I-Met group, which is a privat owned holding of technic oriented, SME companies.