Atos OriginAtos Research & Innovation (ARI) , node of R&D at Atos Origin in Spain, is a point of reference for innovation for the whole Atos Origin group. It has achieved a high degree of competence in the European Union due to the diverse international projects in which the former companies Sema Group and SchlumbergerSema have been involved since 1989. Over the years, a strong partnership with several public and private institutions from all European Countries has been consolidated. In many of these projects the department has counted on the involvement of Eastern Europe countries as well as countries from the Mediterranean area, North Africa, Latin America and Asia.

ARI focuses on the project accomplishment, combining the economic exploitation of investigation’s results and the most up-to-date technological developments with a high awareness of the human factors. ARI consists of research units which work in different R&D areas: Transport & Logistics, Service Oriented Middleware Infrastructure, Semantics and Open Source & Software Engineering, Future Internet, Internet of Things, GIS and Environmental Applications, Biotechnologies & Healthcare, Technology Enhanced Learning, Social Applications, International Cooperation, eCollaboration, User Involvement, Innovative Government and Security, Innovation Management, Grid Services, Cloud Computing, Media, eTourism, Aerospace.