The Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) is the largest multidisciplinary research organization in Spain. It is an autonomous state agency affiliated to the Ministry of Science and Innovation. CSIC has 126 Research Centres and Institutes and 145 Associated Units throughout Spain The NEO-Energy Group, lead by prof. Pedro Gomez-Romero is integrated in the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research Center (CIN2), located at the UAB Campus (Barcelona) and belonging to CSIC.


The NEO-Energy Laboratory has developed and it is actively involved in the development of projects dealing with materials and devices for energy storage and conversion. Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, supercapacitors and PEM Fuel Cells are some of the lines traditionally developed in the lab. Within Li ion batteries, the group has worked on several types of cathode materials, inorganic active materials as well as hybrid nanocomposite electrodes, including Li4Ti5O12 and LiFePO4.