ITEEnergy Technology Institute (ITE) is a private, non-profit-making association who was set up in 1994 and whose services, products and technological projects are addressed to national and international public bodies and companies in the energy, electrics, electronics and communications areas.

The aim of ITE is to promote the scientific research and technological development of applied energy, to increase the production quality to contribute to the progress of technology in the energy, electrics and electronics industrial sectors taking into account environmental actions.  To get this goal and to support R+D+i activities, ITE owns technical equipment and infrastructure, such as, a Pilot Plant of Renewable Energies, Storage Technologies Integration, or Applied Chemistry Laboratory.

Some of the main actuation and specialization areas of the Research Centre are renewable energies and electrical storage technologies, distributed generation, management and distribution in electric networks, control and automation of industrial systems, electromagnetic fields, supply quality and electromagnetic compatibility and metrology as well as their supporting technologies like advanced materials and ICT applied to energy.

The Applied Chemistry Unit in ITE is an interdisciplinary mixed group formed by chemists and engineers. The main research lines are the development of new materials for energy aplications, i.e. polymeric membranes, carbon materials; and development of componets for  different applications such as Li-ion batteries, supercapacitors, PEM fuel cells and electrolysers.